Congratulations on 20 years! I have really enjoyed your recipes over more recent years. I have subscribed but haven’t received anything from you since this recipe in early March. I don’t really understand how Substack works and I’m wondering if I’m missing out?

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Thank you for your lovely comment and generous words. I am very sorry I have been a bit quiet around here. The last couple of months have been tumultuous for us, we have had a death, a health scare and massive damages to our property due to the rains when the roof was taken off during the renovations (we are still living downstairs in the crumbling house and my camera and gear was ruined as well). I have practically no place to work (or cook anything more than our basic meals) I have been mentally depleted.

It started off heavy and felt like it was going to get harder and heavier as time went on, so about 2-3 months ago I paused all paid subscriptions as I knew I wouldn’t be able to work or get to anything. That means monthly subscribers wouldn’t be charged and annual subscribers would get those 2-3 months added on to their subscription when I restart again.

I am feeling much better, things are getting easier and more settled and hopefully the newsletter along with the blog will start again soon.

Thank you for your patience and your support. I really appreciate it.

Hope you are well

All my love


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I am SO SORRY to hear of your tumultuous few months. It sounds utterly devastating. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my query so promptly.

I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better and getting back on your feet. I will look forward to your wonderful newsletter and blog when you feel ready.

Take care of yourself and family; they are absolutely your priority at times like this.

Jenny xx

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I've followed your work for so many years, from the first time I got onto Instagram. I am so proud of what you've done. Here's to the next twenty years

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Happy 20 years of being one of the best on the internet xx

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First of all, congrats! I loved reading this and I am a big fan of you as a food photographer. I wanted to ask you, how did you manage to get clients (restaurants, authors for cookbook photography, editorial work...) when you started over in Australia? I keep on moving countries every 2-3 years because of my partner's job and I am finiding it difficult to start every time.

Thank you!

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