I am Sneh :)

I am a pro blogger, food photographer/stylist, cookbook author and food writer based in Sydney, Australia. I live with my husband and our two teenage boys. I was born in India and lived there for the first two decades of my life. After living and working in Singapore and traversing the rich tapestry of food and culture in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia; we now call Australia home.

My food is inspired by all the places I have been and all the stories I have lived. It is loud, colourful, produce-driven and packed with herbs and spices. I adore vegetables and am on a personal mission to include at least 30 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs in our meals every week.

With a deep fondness for vegetarian food ( I was raised as one but now follow a Pescatarian diet), my recipes are seasonal, exciting and packed with big flavours. I have been blogging since 2005 on my blog Cook Republic. It won Best Australian Blog & Best Australian Food/Lifestyle Blog in the National Writing Comp in 2013. I have since, also written a cookbook called Tasty Express. I have been ELLE Australia’s food columnist and have worked with many big brands in the food industry to create produce-driven recipes and food content. I also hang out a lot on Instagram sharing delicious content every day. And run a free Cooking Club on Facebook.

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I look forward to writing for you and sharing a big slice of deliciousness from my kitchen studio here in Sydney.

Big love!

Sneh x

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Making vegetables more exciting through sensational salads, fast dinners and yummy lunchbox things! Clever recipes with minimum effort and maximum flavor + stories and inspiration from my Sydney kitchen.


Award-winning blogger, cookbook author and photographer with Indian roots from Sydney. Love cooking fast, fresh, recipes with big flavours! And writing about it. My food is inspired by the places I have been to and the stories I have lived.